Binaural Audio Follow-up

When I last posted, the demo video was the Barbershop recording. Although it’s an excellent video, it’s not ours and the only media I had to show that was actually by us was an eight second clip that was not terribly impressive. That is no longer the case!

Grab headphones and listen!

The game is previewed, with the real in game sound, near the end. But listen to the whole thing, and remember that it works in real time on pretty much any current platform. With any luck, we’ll have an SDK ready for Q1 2010, maybe even earlier.

Oh, and that’s still part 1. If you’re interested in animation and if you think that what NaturalMotion did was pretty cool, you’ll be in for a big treat later on.

P.S. I answer all comments, generally speaking, although it might be a bit delayed at times. So don’t think I’m not noticing.

Michael Jackson

There’s not really much to be said beyond what’s said, but at some level the man was already dead to me. It’s clear from the early 90s or so that he was very far gone, which is very sad. At least it seems like most people remember him as the King of Pop, and not the wide array of messes that came after his late eighties heyday.