SlimTune Profiler Update

You may have noticed that the profiler’s development is completely frozen. No this isn’t an accident, and no it’s not discontinued or finished. I’ve got so much in store for it. The problem is that when I get into my projects, I get really immersed. Keeping up the pace on SlimTune basically meant SlimDX’s August release would never get done; I’m obsessive like that. So I made a conscious decision to freeze SlimTune until the next SlimDX release was out. (Also classes were starting.) That freeze was only supposed to last two weeks or so.

And if you keep track of what’s happening in the DirectX world, you can guess that I’ve been screwed over pretty solidly on that one. I’m not sure when I’ll actually be able to get moving on SlimDX, so I may as well bring SlimTune back to active development. Initially, I had intended to discontinue the 0.1 release series and step to 0.2, which was going to provide more profiler modes. However I got some good feedback on the 0.1.5 release that I’d like to incorporate a release, so I’ll start by putting out a 0.1.6 that will basically clean up a few bugs and inconveniences in the current release.

As for the 0.2 release series, let’s see what happens. Instrumentation is actually pretty close to ready, so maybe I’ll get that out the door and throw in some other support functionality too. There’s some prototyping happening with regards to support for native code as well, so who knows. Maybe there will be an initial implementation of that available, too. I’ve got a lot more invested in this project than I think anyone realizes. Don’t think I’ve given up.

P.S. Last I heard, the DirectX SDK was going to be released last Friday. So I have no earthly idea what’s going on.
LATE BREAKING NEWS! August 09 DX SDK is out!