SlimTune and Services

I’ve now added service and ASP.NET profiling support to SlimTune. Services seem to work, although I’ve tested it pretty minimally. ASP.NET should work but I’m really not set up to test it properly. I might attempt a VM based test later, because I’m not really sure what sort of status IIS is on my main machine and I don’t really want to find out. Still, ASP.NET is little more than a special case of the service profiling.

Unfortunately, it turns out that admin level privileges are required in order to control (and therefore profile) services. I’ve decided not to automatically request privilege escalation in SlimTune. Instead, it simply blocks you from selecting service or ASP.NET profiling unless you’re running with administrator privileges (and pops up a message box explaining this). You’ll have to right click -> Run as Administrator in order to select those options, unless you’ve turned off UAC outright. Kind of annoying, but I figured it was the best compromise.

Incidentally, the code to support this is mostly cloned out of CLRProfiler, with some work to integrate it into SlimTune smoothly. I don’t even understand why half of it is there. You know why? It’s because there’s no other documentation about how to do it. This problem is somewhat endemic across all the .NET profiling bits, unfortunately. It may also affect the debugger documentation, but I’m not sure.

SlimTune is essentially patched together using a combination of a helpful CodeProject sample, the official documentation, blog posts, MSDN forum questions, and experimentation. I’m hopefully that by publishing a reasonably full featured open source profiler, I’m also creating a good practical reference on how to handle the guts of .NET. I’ve considered blogging more about the internals as well, but that remains to be seen.

[Update] I would like to mention, though, that this is vastly more documentation than is available for Mono.


6 thoughts on “SlimTune and Services

  1. Oooh, ASP.NET support. I’ve been waiting for this.

    I don’t think you’ll find the admin problem to be a large one. To debug against IIS you need to run Visual Studio as admin anyway, so most ASP.NET devs are used to jumping through a few hoops.

  2. ASP.NET profiling sounds excellent.
    Any chance you are can add the binaries to the Google code page? Tried to build from the SVN sources but I get compiler error in PublicInterface.cpp.

    1. Setting up SlimTune from sources is kind of a hassle, and not just with compiling. I have a bit of news to post later today about how you can get a pre-release build. A few weeks down the road (after GDC sometime) I’ll be looking at how to make binaries built from SVN available on a regular basis.

  3. I can’t find a way to launch ASP.NET website.there is no textbox to input website url.How could you collect data without info about my ASP.NET application?

  4. Hello there, I am trying to do aspnet profiling and continuously getting unable to connect to error is there anything I need to do on the web.config or similar to make it understand that we are trying to profile

    1. I’ve gotten a very detailed bug report on why some ASP.NET applications fail, and am hoping to fix it for 0.3.1. I’m hoping to launch that in late May or early June. Sorry about that.

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