More SlimTune UI

Still working on the details, but here are some new teaser shots.

[Update] Slightly newer version of the visualizer:

The best part of the current iteration? NO DAMN REFRESH BUTTON! The graph redraws itself, and the counter list updates itself. No user interaction required.


3 thoughts on “More SlimTune UI

  1. Cool.

    Not sure if you have this yet, but a way to track numbers of cache misses per function would be very useful. Or in general be able to tag a counter and sample it at the begining and end of a function and display this along with the time in the usual visualizer.

    Another very useful thing would be to add support for pluggable counters, not just the windows ones. For example a plugin to display NVPerfSDK counters would be good (or plugins for AMDs equivelant plus CPU counters etc).

    1. Hmmm, thinking about it those counters are probably available through the windows counter interface anyway. But a way to choose any counter, not just from a fixed set of presets then.

  2. Right now, performance counters can be any system counter, but they can also be data reported by the app through the SlimTune API. The interface is dead simple — check if SlimTune is available, set counter name for counter index N (you choose N), and write a value for index N. So you can track ANY counter you want, if you don’t mind adding app support for it. The idea is that people can record custom statistics like polygons rendered per second or loaded textures/shaders or whatever.

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