BioReplicant Keeps Walking

Click for High Def version.

This is what we’ve been working on for the last several months at AR Labs.

Forget falls.
Forget tackles.
BioReplicant keeps walking. for more information.
BioReplicants is a completely reactive procedural animation system for use in video games. No key framing, motion capture, or precomputed animations were used. Everything you see here was generated in real-time, reacting to human input. Oh, and it’s efficient enough to run on an iPhone.

We know he looks crazy. Sure we could’ve made it realistic, but it’s just not that interesting to watch. BioReplicant can keep going even through bone crushing impacts, and we think that’s pretty cool.

We’ll be showing off the LIVE DEMO at GDC. Catch up with us to try it out!


4 thoughts on “BioReplicant Keeps Walking

  1. Not sure most artists would be happy with that walk cycle. It lacks “character”. Much better would be to show examples with the software doing things which are difficult to animate individually for.

    For example:
    * Recovering from a ragdoll/fallen down state
    * climbing surfaces of uneven height
    * Sitting down/sitting on a chair, lying down etc.

    If you can have it do these sorts of things, it would be very cool, since I have never really seem a game which has something as complicated as interacting a lot with furniture.

    Also perhaps there will be ways to improve the “feel” of the animations?

  2. The closest thing to that video I have seen is a charcters which are animated and a physics skeleton is also simulated when something hits the player. Then the animations are blended. There are probably some videos from epic floating around with this.

    This way there is still a lot of artistic expression blended with the hit animations + physics animations.

  3. I certainly don’t claim this is perfect, and for production you’d probably use mocap data to tune the animations more precisely. We’ve just dialed the parameters to the simulation in by hand. It will be able to do a lot more as the tech evolves too. Climbing stairs already works just fine in our prototype, for example.

    Post GDC we’ll be putting a full physics simulation in (possibly Havok based?) that should lead to some very cool interactions.

  4. The focus of the video from our perspective isn’t the walk cycle itself or falls – its the reactions to any and every force while it can maintain a walk cycle which would enable a prolonged interaction with a character within the context of the game, where it would be firing and you, and you firing at it, and the reactions would be completely procedurally based as they are now. It could fire a gun at you, and you could fire at his arm which could whip him around giving you time to fire at it more.

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