SlimTune 0.3.0 Released

Hit the SlimTune homepage for the latest release.

The last release of SlimTune was almost exactly a year ago, in February of 2010. The next version has been a very ambitious project, representing a fairly dramatic overhaul of some of the underpinnings. The end result is that, a year later, things look exactly the same. Oops.

In the end, I saw two options. If I did everything I wanted to do, SlimTune 0.3.0 would be an awesome tool, released years too late for anyone to care. Or I could release now, delayed but not catastrophically slow. In terms of the user experience, only two things have changed. .NET 4 applications are now supported. Also, the CLR backend creates its own log file in the user My Documents directory, in order to provide some debugging options in cases that the profiler isn’t able to connect.

Some of the things that didn’t make it in:
* Native profiling support. The code is “mostly” written, but something about how I’m using DbgHelp and the Sym* functions is badly broken. If someone can help me fix these issues (it’s normal C++ code, nothing crazy), I can ship native support. The core sampler pretty much works.
* Silverlight 4. Just a time issue. I’m hoping to do this in the next week or two.
* New visualizers. These were on infinite hold until the core data systems were fixed. They are now fixed, so a lot of UI work is on the way. Again, help would be great. This will be pure C#/WinForms code.
* Snapshots. There’s just no UI for them, mostly because the existing visualizers don’t handle them correctly at all. Replacing those with NHibernate based visualizers should help substantially.

So…it’s out there now. I might make an incremental release with SL4 support, but after that I think it’s time to sit down and seriously write a new visualizer that uses the overhauled data backend, supports snapshots, etc. I’m not sure how long that will take. The native profiler? I’ll release it as soon as someone fixes it for me.


9 thoughts on “SlimTune 0.3.0 Released

  1. I just ran this against my WPF4 app and got some useful info pretty easily. Saw mostly what I expected, but also a few minor surprises. I’d read about SlimTune before but this was my first time trying it. Nice job!

  2. Hey Promit! Nice to see you shipped a new version. I had given up hope to see any further development. From the tools I’ve tried, I still think that SlimTune, despite having a somewhat rough UI, is the best free profiler out there. I see you added options to track memory allocations, is there a visualizer planned for this?

    1. I can make plans all day 🙂 The memory profiling is broken. The relevant profiler callbacks never fire and I haven’t figured out why not. At this point my interest is mainly in the UI. I was hoping to get native profiling working but I really need some help fixing that one.

  3. Hi Prommit,

    I’ve seen in the source code preparations for a new version 3.1. I’m not able to compile it myself, because I have no VS2010 on hand. Would it be possible to release a new binary of it?

  4. Would one of the changes in 3.1 be a bug fix to the “The dependency service or group failed to start” issue? Because I was able to track down what was causing it…in your connector code, it’s shutting down the IIS Admin Service, which also shuts down Windows Activation Service and W3SVC…but your code only activates W3SVC…which fails because WAS is required to be started prior to starting W3SVC. What you should do is start WAS, then W3SVC, then also start back up the IIS Admin Service.

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