It turns out that for the enclosure size I’m using, a toilet paper tube is exactly the right size to create a port tuned to 62 hz, and my speakers have a frequency response down to 55 hz. In other words, I jammed a toilet paper tube into my box and now I have a beautifully clear, open bass response. Cool, eh?
Speaker port!
P.S. This is called a bass reflex system.

I Have Other Hobbies

Speaker closeup
Loose speaker and amp
Speaker cabinet prototype
A few comments:
* The pictures are blurry because the monitor generates a lot of reflected glare and I’m too lazy to figure out how to get clear pictures in those lighting conditions.
* Yes, I know it’s messy! My desk is covered with electronics right now. It gets cleaned every so often, but screw taking pictures of that.
* That cardboard box bookshelf speaker actually sounds really good. Response does fall off below 55hz though.
* The amp is probably capable of delivering 60W/channel into these 8 ohm duos, and they’re 93 db at 1W/1m. It can get very, very loud.